Frequently Asked Questions

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What Should I Do When I Get My Assessment Notice?

DON’T IGNORE IT!  Take note of the last day to appeal.

If you think your assessment is fair: You don't have to do anything.

If you think your assessment is not fair: Visit your local assessor and discuss it with them.  A lot of times the local assessor can fix any factual errors and review your assessment for accuracy. 

If this doesn’t work for you: Suburban Appeal Inc. can represent you and we can do all the work to save you money.

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What Is Included In The $50 Assessment Review?

For $50 Suburban Appeal, Inc. will review your assessment to make sure you are getting all of the exemptions you are entitled to, ensure there are no factual errors on your property record card, and check to make sure your assessment is fair.

After the initial review is completed if Suburban Appeal believes an appeal is appropriate we fill out all of the appeal forms, file them, and, if the firm believes it is necessary, appear in front of the board of review on your behalf.

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How Do I Know If Suburban Appeal, Inc. Was Successful In My Appeal?

When your hearing is over the local board of review will render it’s decision. 

At the end of the hearing day you will receive an e-mail from one of our staff members notifying you of the hearing results and what options you still have as a property owner.

If you have questions, you can always reply to the   e-mail or contact one of our staff members at     847-457-1840.

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What Do I Have To Pay Suburban Appeal Inc. Once They Win?

When Suburban Appeal, Inc. lowers your property assessment, you will be billed 35.00% of the resulting tax savings **

This means if Suburban Appeal, Inc. saves you $500 you only have to pay $175.00. 

At Suburban Appeal Inc., you only have to pay the year you appeal. 

Suburban Appeal Inc. bills using the most recent tax rate, this means saving you even more money.  Typically tax rates increase each year so by using the most recent tax rate you are paying a lower amount!

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What Happens Once I Purchase My Review?

If you purchase your review using your credit card online, you will immediately be emailed your receipt and a link to download your forms. 

If you decide to mail in a check, once the check is received, we will email you a receipt and a link to download your forms.

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What information should I have to fill out the form?

Having your property index number (PIN NUMBER) will be important in filling out the form and it is likely the item you are least likely to have by memory.  Most other information you will likely know about your property.

Fax: 847-886-4164

Mail to:

Suburban Appeal Inc.

26460 N Main St #200

Wauconda, IL 60084

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What Should I Do If I Don’t Use A Computer?

If you don’t feel comfortable using a computer please feel free to contact us at 847-457-1840 and a staff member will be happy to explain the process to you.

We can mail or fax all of the forms to you directly. 

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What makes Suburban Appeal, Inc. different from other tax representation firms?

At Suburban Appeal, Inc. we believe that taxpayers deserve to have qualified individuals working to lower their assessment.   

This means we stay up to date on the latest laws affecting assessments and taxpayers.  Our consultants have also worked in Assessor's offices and have vast experience testifying in front of the local board of review and the Property Tax Appeal Board in Illinois.

Our consultants know what the Assessor and the Board of Review expect to reduce your assessment, we speak the lingo, we know the systems they work with, and better yet we UNDERSTAND the process!

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What Options Do I Have Left If I Am Not Happy With The Board of Review's Decision?

If you are unhappy after your Board of Review hearing you have additional time to file an appeal with the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board. 

You can learn more about the process by clicking here

The process for an appeal before the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board is very lengthy, that is why it is so important to ensure you present a complete case to the Board of Review ensuring the best evidence is submitted, and that your testimony properly represents the evidence. 

Remember the Board’s decision is always based on the weight of the evidence, so if you have the best evidence, you will succeed!

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What Is A General Assessment Year And How Does It Affect You?

A General Assessment Year is something that is required under the Illinois Property Tax Code.  What the code states is that every 4 years the local Assessor is required to view and review the Assessments of each and every property in their township. 

All decisions made by the Board of Review and the Property Tax Appeal Board are also reset during a General Assessment Year. This means your assessment reverts to what the Assessor says it should be. 

While it’s important to review your assessment every year, doing it at the beginning of the General Assessment period is the most important. 

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How Does My Assessment Affect My Tax Bill?

Your assessment directly affects the size of your tax bill, the larger your assessment, the larger your tax bill. 

The idea of the assessment was to spread the tax burden more fairly among homeowners.

For example, if you have a bigger, more expensive home than your neighbor, then you should pay more in taxes.  For this reason, it is important for Assessors to be doing their jobs properly, but also for homeowners to be vigilant in ensuring they are being fairly assessed.

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If My Assessment Is Lowered, Will My Tax Bill Be Lowered?

Your tax bill is ultimately determined by how much money is being requested by the taxing bodies. 

In short, if the taxing bodies don’t ask for money then you won’t have a tax bill. 

Lowering your assessment only decreases the share of the total tax you are required to pay.  However, lowering your assessment does lower what you would have paid had you not appealed. 

It is important to realize that you are appealing your assessment, not your taxes and by being successful you are not going to get a refund on what you paid the year before.

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What Does The State Factor Mean?

A State Factor is applied to the tax bills to equalize the assessments between counties.  Basically when the state factor is greater than a 1, it means that the assessments set by the Board of Review are lower than the statuary level of 33.33% .

When the state factor is less than 1, it means the assessments are too high.  By increasing the assessments, the tax rates do not have to be as high to ensure all of the taxing bodies can collect all the money they requested. 

** Resulting tax savings is calculated by taking the difference between what your tax bill would have been had you not appealed and what it is after using our services.  Suburban Appeal does not promise that an assessment reduction and/or tax savings will be achieved in all cases.

If you have other questions or concerns that you did not see if our FAQ section above or if you want to discuss the specific details about you property tax assessment, please call us at (847) 865 - 5879. We are help to save you money!